Building 9800 Roof Replacement

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MPO Fort Meade

Fort Meade, MD


As the Prime Contractor for this Design+Build project at Fort Meade, Edifice provided a full replacement of over 40,000 SF of roofing for the 50+ year old 9800A building. In order to maintain weather tightness, Edifice demolished and removed existing roof membranes, ballast, insulating material, and roofing accessories. Following demolition, Edifice installed a new fully adhered membrane assembly, including insulation and protection board, and installed flashings, edges, terminations, new drain piping, and other accessories. Building 9800A was fully occupied during construction, so Edifice phased work and enacted careful and strict coordination with the COR to limit disturbances to occupant activity. In conjunction to project coordination, Edifice performed debris and dust mitigation. Edifice ensured all work met US Green Build Council LEED requirements for maintenance of indoor air quality.



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May 30, 2017