Federal Courthouse Perimeter Security


A.V. Bryan Courthouse Perimeter Security Upgrade

Alexandria, VA


This GSA-operated facility is occupied by the United States Marshals Service (USMS), the United States Courts, and the United States Attorney’s Office, and is situated within a surrounding residential and commercial community. The overall goal for the project was to balance the need for permanent perimeter security at this facility while minimizing the visual impact and site disturbance to the surrounding properties. Edifice was tasked with continuing GSA’s design and approval process in collaboration with the both the City of Alexandria and the Carlyle Community Council. The overall scope of work included selective demolition and site preparation to install decorative, K4-rated security fencing and ATFP bollards and active vehicle barriers. Construction included upgrades, repairs and alteration to existing concrete, electrical and utility systems and all labor materials and permitting. The site remained active and occupied throughout the fast-tracked construction schedule.


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June 11, 2018