Electromagnetic Warfare Facility


The Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare (EMW) Facility project is construction of a 7,373 SF, one story building at the Naval Support Activity, South Potomac, Dahlgren, VA. The exterior walls will be a composite wall consisting of 4” CMU veneer, air space, insulation, and 8” CMU backup. Interior side of exterior walls will be 1” rigid insulation in metal stud furring, and gypsum board. The exterior CMU finish color will be like the existing adjacent building 1580. There are no windows on the building and the entrance is an AT/FP compliant aluminum curtainwall system with insulated, thermal-break, fixed glazing and aluminum/glazed entry doors. Exterior egress doors are insulated hollow metal, AT/FP compliant doors. The roof is a single ply EPDM membrane roofing on rigid roof insulation, and vapor barrier on metal deck.


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March 13, 2019