Philadelphia U.S. Customs House – Restroom Restoration

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Historic Restoration & Rehabilitation

Philadelphia, PA


Edifice served as Prime Contractor for the historic restoration of the Philadelphia U.S. Custom House (PUSCH) in downtown Philadelphia. The 80 year-old building required detailed renovation and restoration of all restrooms from the lobby through the 12th floor. Edifice showcased its expertise in historic preservation and renovation by updating the restrooms under ADA guidelines while maintaining the rich tradition of the architectural monument. Work included repairing and replacing in-kind historical elements, such as milk glass and slate panels, terrazzo floors, plumbing, and partitions, while installing new toilets and lighting that meet the GSA’s energy-saving standards. Original fixtures were carefully removed, stripped, and re-chromed to a brand new appearance, and original hardwood doors were repaired and refinished to like-new condition. Edifice also performed testing and abatement for identified hazardous materials, such as lead and asbestos within renovated spaces.


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May 31, 2018