Pentagon Striping Project

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Pentagon Reservation Parking Lot

Arlington, VA


Edifice provided overall project management, scheduling, design and on-site management to improve the existing parking lots and access roads within the project site at the Pentagon Reservation. The scope of work included all labor, material, and equipment to stripe, restripe, and mark more than 9,000 parking spaces, travel lanes and access roads. With an overall performance period of 120 days, the Edifice team worked closely with the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Acquisition Directorate Contracting Officer and the Pentagon Parking Management Office (PPMO) and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) to plan and schedule work to minimize disruptions to on-going operations, including construction services during off-peak hours. Initial site work included non-destructive removal of the existing paint and all preparations for markings. Striping and paint requirements included all parking stall perimeters, pedestrian walking lanes, stop lines, crosshatching and curb painting as well as center and edge lines along roadways. Marking included more than 300 handicap stalls as well as implementation of the specified alpha-numeric identification system.


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May 31, 2018